Pedigree Dog Food for Adult Dogs & Puppies

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Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree is a pioneer brand of the dog food industry with over 60+ years spent in research and development. The result is a dog food that is the perfect amalgamation of proteins, vitamins, and fiber to support every stage of your pet’s life.

The Mars Inc. owned brand claims that its’ pet food promises the following five signs of good health for most dogs and puppies in just 6 weeks:

  • Shinier dog coat
  • Strong muscle growth
  • Good digestive health for canines
  • Strong bones & teeth
  • Better Immune System in dogs

Each product of Pedigree delivered by online authorized marketplace Petsworld carries a stamp of approval by AAFCO/NRC and meets global pet food standards, so that your dog gets the best diet with zero compromise.

The most popular dog food in India offers both economy range and premium range products. Economy range involves the Chicken and Milk flavored food for puppies and Meat and Rice flavored food for adult dogs and the premium range of Pedigree Professional®classifies food on basis of dog age, ingredients and breed size.

Other products such as Pedigree Dentastix for adult dogs or Denta Tubos for puppies involve the pet parents in India who are worried about the right care of their dogs’ teeth and gums These products are scientifically* proven to reduce 80% tartar when fed in the right way.

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