Pedigree Professional Puppy Large Breed Dog Food 3 Kg

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Pedigree Puppy food for Large Breed (Professional Range) is a perfect meal to ensure the best possible growth potential to your little puppy. From weaning stage (usually starting at 3 months) till 18 months of age it can be fed as a complete food to the growing pup. Due to less moisture content what the meal needs as an accompaniment is a bowl full of fresh water. The food is endowed with elements like green lipped mussel, calcium and phosphorus, which promote the development of strong and healthy bones and joints. It has 27 important nutrients which get easily digested, taking care of the sensitive digestive system of the young canines while maintaining an ideal weight.


Cereals and cereal by-products, Meat and meat by-products, Vegetable by-products and proteins, Vegetable Oils, Fish Meal, Green Lipped Mussel, Prebiotics, Iodised salt, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, permitted preservatives, Antioxidants and flavours.

(No Beef or Pork)

Feeding Options:

Expected Adult body weight

Large 25 - 50 kg

Giant 50 kg+

1 month

Feed PEDIGREE Puppy Weaning


2 month

425 to 600

600 to 725

3 month

500 to 825

825 to 975

4 month

550 to 1050

1050 to 1150

5 month

550 to 1000

1000 to 1050

6 month

500 to 950

950 to 1075


Nutritional Analysis (Proximate):

Protein Min


Fat Min


Ash Max


Crude Fibre Maz


Moisture Max


What are the benefits?

The first 18 months of a dog's life are the most vital ones, as it is during this period only that a large breed dog achieves its full growth. Any irregularity or lack in its diet may hamper its proper development. Also, the large breed dogs are susceptible to become over weight and consequently would suffer from disorders related to bone and mobility. Pedigree professional range for large breed puppies would give you peace of mind and your dog an opportunity to achieve its optimum growth potential. It tastes delicious and gives an assured promise of optimum growth and a healthier and happier life.


More Information
Veterinarian Prescription No
Brand Pedigree
Breed German Shepherd
Breed type Giant
Product Weight 3 Kg
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