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We, at Pets World understand that you really care about your pet. For ardent pet lovers, the products from Pet Care International are always preferred. It is a reliable pet care brand which pampers your darling pets the same way that you would do. The products made by this company make sure to take care of all the requirements of your pets, be it healthiness, cleanliness, food habits or nutrition needs. The brand is committed to taking care of your pet by manufacturing the finest pet care products. The products are completely dedicated to providing nourishment and nutrition to your pet.

At Pets World, we truly believe that pets are an essential part of the owner’s life. They are the most honest and reliable companions anyone could ever ask for. Hence, they are worthy of a lot of care and attention. We present the Pet Care International brand to you and stock its trustworthy products in ready availability. Choosing these products allow you to afford the best care and affection to your pet.

The products from this brand are a boon for animal lovers and are really effective, unique, original and remarkable. They include everything from beneficial drugs to a range of nutritious animal food. A variety of products from this brand are available on our Pets World website like dry bath spray, appetite stimulant, cat and dog supplements, anti-licking sprays, anti-tick and flea sprays, formula for parasite treatment, anti-tick and flea powder, mouth freshener spray, kennel cleanser for both cats and dogs, and shampoos to name a few. Ensure optimum comfort and happiness of your cuddly little friends by opting for the international quality products from the Pet Care International brand listed on our online portal at Pets World.

  1. Petcare Livoferol Pet 200 ml
    Petcare Livoferol Pet 200 ml
  2. PETCARE Medipet 100 Ml
    PETCARE Medipet 100 Ml
  3. PETCARE Notix Talc 100 Gm
    PETCARE Notix Talc 100 Gm
  4. PetCare Ridd 6 ml
    PetCare Ridd 6 ml
  5. PetCare Ridd 60 ml
    PetCare Ridd 60 ml
  6. PETCARE Worm Trap-P 15 Ml
    PETCARE Worm Trap-P 15 Ml

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