Pets Lovers Dog Treats & Chews

Pet Lovers Treats & Chews

A dog’s day is incomplete without a healthy dose of yummy treats and chews. Pet Lovers® dog treats, chew sticks and bones are a perfect answer to that.

Healthy dog biscuits are an ideal snack for a pooch’s in-between meal cravings and for before walk enticements. Chewing on them exercises the dog’s jaws, and in some cases may also promote dental health by cleaning the teeth of plague and tartar.

The Delhi based Pet Lovers is founded by Mr. Naresh Taneja, who claims to have devised unique recipes for dog biscuits and ammonia free Pet shampoos while using good quality ingredients and nil or lesser chemical agents.

Well! The Pet owners seem to agree with him and the brand’s products are seeing well of the pet market in both online stores and Physical pet Shops.

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Petsworld offers a wholesome variant of food for puppies too in the form of Pet Lovers® Crunch Puppy Milk biscuits with right amounts of protein, calcium, vitamin D3 and minerals for puppies above 4 months of age.

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