PetCare Ridd 15 ml

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Quick Overview:

A powerful solution to effectively treat skin infections caused by parasites and to control the parasitic population (like mites, flea and ticks)


1) Low toxicity

2) Strong and effective with high margin of safety

3) Great penetrability

4) Eliminates mites in all stages of development

5) Heals the skin damage caused by parasites


  • Description about the product:

Petcare brings Ridd to help your dog get rid of all kinds of parasites and heal the damage over the skin which occurs due to their infestation. The solution needs to be put on for a week; over the week it works to bring relief from the irritation, itching and redness brought on to the skin by the bloodsuckers. Ridd penetrates deep into the skin and kills the ticks, fleas and mites without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Composition:

Each ml contains

Amitraz I.P. (Vet) 12.5% w/v

Water soluble carrier … q.s.

  • What are the benefits?

The bloodsucking insects which feast over your dog’s skin are obstinate creatures. They suck your dog’s blood, cause terrible itching and skin infections (some of which are also contagious). To save your lovely canine, Petcare has created a special solution which eradicates these menacing parasites and also repairs the harm done by them.

Treatment: One application per week is advised.

Dilution is to be done as follows (per liter of water):

Dogs & Cats

Ticks and Fleas:          2 ml

Mange:                        3-4 ml

Large Animals

Earsore/humpsore/tailsore dermatitis:      2 ml

Mange:                                                        3-4 ml

Sarcoptic mange:                                        2-3 applications

Demodectic mange:                                    5-8 applications

Method of Application

-Trim the hairs

-Bathe the animal

-Pat dry with a towel

-Make a dip concentrate as per dosage

-Apply the solution all over the body and on the affected areas liberally with thorough scrubbing

-Allow it to dry

-Do not give bath for a week after application


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