PetCare Ridd 60 ml

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PetCare Ridd 60 ml

Quick Overview:

A trusted solution for treatment of manges and ectoparasites in dogs, cats and other pets*


1) Lower on toxic intenstiy with healing effect.

2) Powerful formula that works everytime against tick and fleas

3) Controls and eliminates parasite population at all stages.

4) Heals the skin condition owing to tick and similar infection.


Each ml contains

Amitraz I.P. (Vet) 12.5% w/v

Water soluble carrier … q.s.

Treatment: One application per week is advised.

Dilution is to be done as follows (per liter of water):

Dogs & Cats

Ticks and Fleas:          2 ml

Mange:                        3-4 ml

Large Animals

Earsore/humpsore/tailsore dermatitis:      2 ml

Mange:                                                        3-4 ml

Sarcoptic mange:                                        2-3 applications

Demodectic mange:                                    5-8 applications

Method of Application

-Trim the pet's hair, especially arount the affetcted areas

-Give a complete bath to the pet and pat dry with towel.

-Make a dip concentrate as per dosage.

-Apply the solution uniformly all over the body and on the affected areas liberally with thorough scrubbing.

-Allow it to dry.

-Do not give bath for a week after application.




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