Petkin 2 in 1 Litter Deodorizer Lavender For Cats 567 gms

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Cat litter offers a convenient way of regulating the toilet habits of your cat and gives it a safe space to relieve itself. But the odour that the litter starts to give away is a little unpleasant. Petkin’s Litter Deodorizer combines natural components to effectively counter the problem of litter box odour. Pure baking soda included in the deodorizer kills the foul smell by absorbing it. In place of that smell, comes the soothing and refreshing scent of lavender.

The deodorizer can be used on any kind of cat litter, like natural, clay and scoopable. The 2-in-1 litter deodorizer gets activated every time the cat uses the litter box. Coming into contact with moisture makes the deodorizing elements active. The vet approved, non-toxic composition can be used safely in litter boxes of both cats and kittens. The uplifting aroma of lavender would welcome you each time your feline answers its nature calls.

Key Ingredients: Pure baking soda, Aromatherapy essences

Directions for use:
- Take a clean, empty litter box. Line it with a plastic sheet (optional).
- Pour sufficient amount of deodorizing powder to cover the entire bottom of the box
- Add litter, as usual.
- Sprinkle some powder on the top of the litter and mix it
- Between litter changes keep sprinkling and blending the powder with litter to prevent odours longer

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