Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes For Dogs and Cats 80 wipes

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Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes offer a handy solution to clear the sensitive area around the eyes of your pet dog/cat. Safe for daily use, the natural formula is veterinary approved and is ideal for cleaning daily dirt and discharge. Aloe vera and botanical extracts merge together to provide gentle cleansing which is appropriate even for little puppies and kittens. Regular cleaning would also prevent irritation and consequently averts infections. With repeated use the tear stains will gradually become lighter.

Suitable for: Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens

Product Benefits
Area around the eyes of the pet is very sensitive. Harsh cleansing products can harm the skin around the eyes and can even irritate the eye. Petkin's present eye wipes for dogs and cats are made from natural ingredients. The easy-to-use natural eye wipes are safe and effective in maintaining the health and cleanliness of area around eyes of your pet.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel and Botanical Extracts.

Important: Do not use directly in the eye. Use a new clean wipe for each eye.

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