Petkin Waterless Spa Shampoo Green Apple 250 ml

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Petkin Waterless Spa Shampoo is an attempt by Petkin to give a spa like refreshment to your dog/puppy (over 6 weeks). It sanitizes the pet and also cares for the beauty of its skin and coat. The skin receives a soothing touch of the shampoo, and gets dirt-free, conditioned and deodorized. Coat becomes soft and easy to detangle. Major elements which constitute this shampoo have been obtained from natural sources, making it pet-safe and eco-friendly.

Product Benefits
A good addition in a dog grooming kit, Petkin’s Waterless Shampoo, maintains a good level of hygiene and would also get rid of bad odors, in between regular baths. The dry dog shampoo saves time and promises safe and effective cleansing. Waterless Spa Shampoo is safe to be used daily on dogs and puppies over the age of 6 weeks.

Directions: Spray the shampoo all over the body, avoiding the eyes. Massage or brush the solution into the coat and let it dry. No rinsing is required. Brush to give final touches.

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