Aqua Geek Aquarium Gravel Crystal stone 50 stones

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Product Features
- Beautifying aquatic decorations
- Fish-safe and fade-resistant
- Easy to clean

To accentuate the exquisiteness of your aquarium, we have brought crystal pebbles coloured in a beautiful shade of blue. Brilliantly polished glass pebbles are safe for aquarium environment and the organisms that inhabit it. The non-fading, shining pieces of aquarium decoration add an element of magic to your personal aquatic dreamland. These crystal stones can be used to brighten up the aquarium decor in both marine and freshwater aquariums of all sizes, terrariums, reptile tanks, turtle tanks, and the like.

Product Benefits
Crystal stones are one of the best aquarium accessories you can find to decorate your aquarium. This evergreen decorative article helps you in emphasizing the various themes you intend to display in your water tank. For the aquarium creatures, it comes up as a good spawning area.

Installation and Maintenance
Putting them for the first time, you may clean them by soaking them in warm water. Then put them inside the aquarium anywhere you want. Getting rid of algae and slime accumulated under water is also easy. Soak the stones in warm water and rub off the substances with the help of a brush.

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