PETWIN Herbal Aloe Vera Shampoo 5 Ltr

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TYPE: Dog Shampoo

QUANTITY: 5 litres

SUITABLE FOR: Dogs of all breeds

DESCRIPTION: A good herbal pet shampoo strengthens your dog’s hair follicles by providing them with all the essential oils. This eventually helps in excellent hair growth. A shampoo like Petwin Herbal Aloe Vera Shampoo available at PetsWorld does exactly that. They are fortified with natural herbs like Aloe Vera and Neem that give excellent antibacterial and moisturizing effects. Jojoba Oil is another vital ingredient of this shampoo that offers skin-healing properties. The shampoo is excellent for relieving symptoms of dry skin, hot spots and parasitic problems. Petwin Herbal Aloe Vera Shampoo is a skin-friendly shampoo that is applicable for all breeds of dog. 


  • Aloevera moisturizes and softens the coat
  • Jojoba oil helps in strengthening the hair roots
  • Gets rid of parasitic infestation
  • Relieves itching and scratching
  • Ideal dog shampoo for all breeds
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