Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Its subsidiary Zoetis is the world’s largest producer of medicines and vaccination for livestock and pets. It is one of the most valued brands for animal health care consumers across the globe. Zoetis performs a lot of tests and trials before declaring a drug suitable for its use on the livestock and your pets. Pets World’s large inventory also includes the formulas and medicines made by Zoetis so that your pet can get all the care he needs relating to his health and other issues. Pets World provides a perfect description of all the medicines present on its marketplace so that you can make an aware and informed decision according to your pet’s necessity.

A whole lot of genetic tests are carried on at Zoetis, on different species and breeds, before making the final drug. This helps the company in producing quality medicines for your pet. Whatever health problem your pet has, Zoetis has a solution for it. Zoetis can always be trusted when it comes to the health of your beloved pet because they produce quality medicines and vaccines which have proved their efficacy over time.

Pets World offers a diverse collection of products manufactured by this world leading brand so that you can get everything you need to take care of your pet on one platform. Zoetis offers a variety of products, services and animal health solutions across animal species like cattle, fish, poultry, sheep, pigs, horses, cats and dogs. The main products of this company revolve around vaccines, anti-infectives, parasiticides, medicinal feed additives, syrups, diagnostic products, bio-devices and more. They also make shampoos, conditioners and derm spray which are really effective in keeping away fleas and ticks. All of these products can be easily found in the Pets World collection at easy availability.

  1. Pfizer Nutrical CA 30 Tablets
    Pfizer Nutrical CA 30 Tablets

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