Drools Popcorn Candylicious Choco 110 gms

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Drools Popcorn is a delicious and healthy snack to feed your adorable dog at the time of play or training or in between the meals when hunger pangs disturb your dog.The popcorns act as a healthy food supplement in the form of a treat. There are nutrients and components, like prebiotics and probiotics to make the digestivesystem stronger. Low calorie count and better taste usually don't go along together, but drools popcorn gives you the perfect mix of health and yummy taste of choco to keep both body and taste buds rejoiced. The delectable treats are appropriate for all breeds and all age groups.

  •  Ingredients:

Long Grain Rice, Corn, Vitamins, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Flavors.

 What are the benefits of Drools Popcorn?
It is said that there is no pain without gain. In other words, there are no pros without cons. But this little package of goodness not only gives a delicious taste but also offer low calorie ingredients which also augment the digestive process of your dog's body. Your bundle of joy would jump with excitement and would be more than eager to follow your commands when it would be offered Drools popcorn in return.


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