Drools Popcorn Roast Chicken 110 gm

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Drools Popcorn offers you a very suitable snack to gratify your dog’s hunger at odd times. The popcorns are made from ingredients which not only taste irresistible but are also enriched with health promoting elements. It is an indulgence which doesn't lead to harm to the general health of the dog, rather it’s good for it. Besides the healthy nutrients the popcorns also has prebiotics and probiotics as constituents, which support the digestive system of your dog. Drools Popcorn can be safely fed to all types of dog of all age groups. 

  • Ingredients:

Long Grain Rice, Corn, Vitamins, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Flavors

What are the benefits of Drools Popcorn?
Your darling companion would get a mouth-watering treat to relish and Drools also absolves you of the guilt of indulging the dog on an unhealthy snack. Drools Popcorn presents a package of snack which your dog would enjoy and even its body welcomes. It is low on fat and has a good measure of probiotics to facilitate digestion. Popcorns also act as a motivator at the time of training the dog or making it play.

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