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    Pura Premium Clumping Ultra Cat Litter 20 Kg
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If you are a cat owner, you might have seen how particular your cat is about their hygiene. Constantly licking their own fur is just one of the ways they self-groom. Another thing you might have noticed is the way cats are so careful about when it’s time to do their business.

Did you know that cats instinctively refuse to use a litter on detecting an offensive smell, while never using it again in future? Yes, it’s a fact and it’s noticed by almost all cat owners. The main reason for this behaviour in cats is their strong sense of smell (more than 200 million olfactory receptors), making them so sensitive to foul-smells. 

Due to this, it is essential to provide them with a litter box or even a litter tray, which are dust-free as well as containing good odor-masking agents.    

How Pura Cat Litter Promotes Excellent Hygiene In Your Cats?

Pura, a globally renowned brand from Ashapura Cat Litter, provides your cats with the best virtually dust-free litter boxes and litter trays available today. The litters from this brand are more cost-affordable and give superb value for money than most other brands. 

What’s exceptional about Pura Cat Litter is that they are suitable for all breeds of cats and create excellent fragrance within no time. Once you keep the litter smelling great, your lovely feline will never demand for a new one.

Key Benefits of Pura Cat Litter

  • Super Absorbent and Strong Odor Control
  • Entirely Dust-Free
  • Doesn’t support bacterial life
  • Fulfils your cat’s natural instincts to the fullest
  • Convenient to Use
  • Offers superb value for money

Pura Clumping Cat Litter

 Clumping Cat Litters are those litters, which allow you to remove urine and faeces of cats easily, without having to empty the entire box. The clumping litter from Pura contains natural Sodium Bentonite that forms instant compact clumps, helping you to eliminate the litter easily. They absorb even the strongest of foul-smell easily, and leave the litter box with a natural color and earthen aroma. 

At PetsWorld, we have in stock the latest premium quality Pura Clumping Cat Litter that is ideal for all breeds of cats. Its highly deodorising formula instantly removes strong odors and keeps the litter tray dry too. The best thing about Pura Clumping Cat Litter is its low consumption and high absorbency, which makes it run for a very long time. 

 Pura Premium Clumping Cat Litters are available in two different assortments at PetsWorld, and following are those: 

Why Cat Litter Matters a Lot?

Just like how we humans swiftly avoid a stinky bathroom, cats too hate litter having an overpowering stench. If you can provide your cats with a top quality cat litter like Pura Clumping Cat Litter, it will guarantee excellent hygiene and health. Besides, a good litter will also allow your cats to dig well, as felines have this habit of burrowing before they do their business.

So you can see how a cat litter is not just about the cat's hygiene but it is their overall health too.

If you have any doubts regarding cat litter, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld. 

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