Rainbow Special Shrimp Natural Fish Food 500 gms

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A natural and nutritious fish food, properly preserved to give a tasty and healthy food

to your fish.
Product Features

1) Rich in protein, fat and astaxanthin

2) Added Vitamin E to prevent oxidation of nutrients

3) Boosts appetite

4) Improves resistance to diseases

5) Enriches natural colors

Product Description

Rainbow's Special Shrimp are a natural treat for your fish, which provides them with

ample of rich nutrients. The shrimps have been preserved through freeze-drying, a

process of preservation which secures essential nutrients and the taste embedded in

live shrimps.

These dried shrimps are rich in protein, fat and astaxanthin. And help the fish

enhance its natural colors.

Vitamin E has been added to prevent oxidation of fat, vitamins and carotene. It also

helps to increase appetite and aids in building a better resistance against diseases.

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 60%

Crude Fat (max) 6.0%

Crude Fiber (max) 18%

What are the benefits

Shrimps live in clean water which is free from any kind of pollution. After taking them

out of water, they are immediately frozen; this helps to preserve essential nutrients.

The shrimps are them enriched with the goodness of vitamin E, and are processed

further through the process of freeze-drying to ensure better retention of nutrients.

Thus, your fish gets the best dose of nutrients from a natural source to maintain a

healthy and active life.




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