Rid All Koi And Goldfish Special 120 ml

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TYPE: Fish Medicine

QUANTITY: 120 ml

SUITABLE FOR: Koi and Gold Fishes

DESCRIPTION: Rid All Koi and Goldfish Special is a premium quality medication available at PetsWorld that boosts the overall health of your Koi and Goldfishes. They are also effective against fungal infections such as ich, velvet and water musk disease. You can also use this medication if your fishes are suffering from external wounds or a lack of appetite. Rid All Koi and Goldfish Special is one of those medicines that immensely boosts the immunity of your Koi and Goldfishes, thereby increasing their longevity. 


  • Cures infections and diseases in Koi and Gold Fishes
  • Neutralises fungal infections like ich, velvet and water musk diseases
  • Treats bodily injuries and lack of appetite
  • Boost your fishes’ overall immunity


New victoria green extra o, methylene blue with mixed copper complexes.


  • For all the above diseases use 5 ml to 25 litres and if no improvement observed after three days add another dose.  No need to change water if used as directed.  If used more than the usual dosage, replace not more than one third of aquarium water with fresh water when fish show signs of discomfort. 
  • For external bodily injuries and to prevent injured areas becoming infected, swab the injured area with undiluted solution.
  • For quarantining new fish -- use 5 ml to 15 litres for goldfish or 5 ml to 10 litres for koi in a quarantine tank and soak the fish for 4 hours before releasing them into the main aquarium.
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