Royal Canin Ultra Light Cat Food 1.2 Kg

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Special dietary formulation to provide complete nutrition and to maintain a healthy weight; suitable for an adult cat prone to weight gain

Product Features
1) High protein content to maintain healthy muscle mass
2) L-carnitine to promote burning of fat
3) Low-calorie formulation
4) Supports the health of urinary system

Description about the product
Royal Canin Ultra Light has been carefully created to provide for the complete wellness of your adult cat. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to stay healthy and active. The Ultra Light diet by Royal Canine brings essential nutrients to your cat which will not only keep the feline healthy but also make sure that its weight is kept in check. High quality proteins go into maintaining the muscle mass of the body. L-carnitine has been added to burn fat, and thus helps to bring down the calorie count to by 19% (approx.). The moisture rich wet cat food would also help in decreasing the concentration of minerals, and thereby promote the health of urinary system.

Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, eggs and egg derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, various sugars

Nutritional Analysis:



Fat content


Crude ash


Crude fibres




What are the benefitsbr />Royal Canin understands your concern for your pets. Ultra light has been tailor-made for cats which have a tendency to put on weight. It controls the weight of your cat and gives it complete nutrition; the formulation is sure to be accepted by the cat right away.

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