Having its head office in Wazirpur industrial area, Delhi, ‘Scoobee Pet Products’ came into being in 1951, and today are among the top manufactures, importers and traders of pet products. The company has established a place for itself through its quality products, which are not only long lasting but are also light on the pockets of pet owners. The diverse range of pet care and grooming products are marketed under the brand names of Scoobee, Surya, Achiever and Xing 4.

The goods offered by the company include items for pet care, like dog collar, dog leash, dog cage, dog bowls and water feeder, bird cage, fish aquarium, dog whistle; eatables like dog biscuits, chew sticks and dog bone; grooming products like dog nail cutter, dog comb, dog soap and shampoo and pet hair dryer.

The pet care industry is expanding at a fast rate; accompanying this growth, the diversity of Scoobee Pet Products is also witnessing an upward swing. The company continues to come out with new and innovative products. It rightly calls itself a “one stop wholesale shop for pet products’.

  1. 51% Off
    Scoobee Dog Cage D218 Black
    Scoobee Dog Cage D218 Black
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 Regular Price ₹9,999.00
  2. Scoobee Hot Dog Chew Toy
    Scoobee Hot Dog Chew Toy
  3. 50% Off
    Scoobee Muzzle For Dogs X-Small
    Scoobee Muzzle For Dogs X-Small
    Special Price ₹75.00 Regular Price ₹150.00

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