Seachem Matrix Biofilter

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TYPE: Fish Medicine

DESCRIPTION: Seachem Matrix Biofilter is a high porosity bio-media that supports efficient biofiltration for the removal of nitrogenous waste. It holds all the beneficial bacteria in your fish tank, thus facilitating excellent plant growth. This is a medication that supports all good aerobic and anaerobic bacteria species. Seachem Matrix Biofilter also removes all the cloudiness in your aquarium, thus making it crystal clear. This medicine is 100% natural and will not affect the pH levels of your fish tank. 


  • High capacity biofiltration
  • Supports aerobic and anaerobic bacteria species
  • Boosts plant growth
  • Makes your fish tank crystal clear


Use 250 mL of Matrix™ for each 200 L (50 US gallons)** of water. Matrix™ may be placed in any kind of filter, and is particularly effective in a canister filter. Matrix™ is sufficiently large that no filter bag should be required for most applications. Matrix™ works well in drip tray systems, but you may find that the larger Pond Matrix™ is better suited for such applications. Use Stability to more rapidly establish the bio-filter.

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