Self Cleaning Brush - Premium

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The brush offers to make the task of caring for your pet's coat a pleasant experience both for you and your dog. The stainless steel brushing pins can be brought in and out of the case, and serves two purposes. Firstly, pulling the pins in makes the device safe to keep, as the pointed pins could intertwine with the nearby stuff. Secondly, the inward action forces the hair, stuck in the teeth of the brush, out, saving your time and also promoting hygiene through the self-cleaning action. The thoughtful innovation would make the hair smooth by detangling the knots and would also brush away the loose strands.

What are the benefits?
This brush would help enhance the beauty of your dog’s coat by detangling the knots of hair; it would also make your job of combing a simple affair. The retractable feature of the brush makes it a self-cleaning device, freeing you from the worries of hygiene. A firm grip adds to the comfort, making the maintenance of your doggie’s fur a trouble-free and fun activity.

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