Sera Algovec Algae Control 250 ml

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Sera Algovec controls excess algae growth from your freshwater aquarium. In a period from 1 to 6 weeks of use, you will see the results. The dead algae need to be cleaned mechanically before and after the treatment. If the problem is more acute, you may add a second dose of Algovec after 10 days of the first use.

 What are the benefitsbr />Certain amount of algae looks natural and is indicative of a healthy aquarium. Some species of fish and micro-organisms also derive nutrition from algae. But if the growth of algae goes out of control, they would cover almost everything, including grass, the glass of the aquarium, and would also cause risks to the health of the living beings of the tank. Thus, it is important to contain the extent of the algae to a certain level. Algovec is a high-quality product from Sera which would help you clean-up and control algae growth.

Directions for use: Shake bottle well before using. Measure 5 ml (approx. 1 teaspoon) per each 20 liters (5.30 gallons) of aquarium water. Remove dead algae mechanically before and after treatment. Ensure sufficient oxygen supply, feed sparingly. Depending on algae species and water composition, Sera Algovec will reveal its effect after 1 to 6 weeks. In case of severe algae problems, add a second dose after 10 days.

Active Substance - Copper (as sulfate) 167 mg/100ml

Liquid concentrate as a supplement to aquarium water

Side Effects: Proper use provided, side effects are not to be expected.

Not to be used in conjunction with animals used for human consumption!

Add Sera Aquatan and Sera Blackwater Aquatan after having finished the treatment successfully to prevent algae growth in the long term.

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