Sera Ammonia Test -15ml

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TYPE: Ammonia testing meter

DESCRIPTION: While ammonium(NH4) is mostly harmless to the fishes, it is extremely important to know the concentration of ammonia (NH3) in your aquarium. A higher concentration of NH3 can prove fatal to your lovely fishes. To keep you always on the safer side, we at PetsWorld have in stock a highly useful kit like Sera Ammonia Test that gives you the reading of both Ammonia and Ammonium in your fish tank. The actual concentration of toxic free ammonia is easy to calculate from the measured level and the pH value by means of the enclosed calculation chart (available alongside the kit). This kit is sufficient for approximately 60 tests. 


  • Tells you accurately the overall concentration of Ammonium and Ammonia
  • Sufficient for approximately 60 measurements
  • Consists of concentration chart that help you monitors the level
  • Ensures the safety of your lovely fishes
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