Sera Goldy Color Spirulina Speciality Fish Food 39 gms

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Product Description
Color enhancing special granulate for goldfish and other coldwater fish

The granulated food with an extra portion of Spirulina contains valuable ingredients for intensifying the natural splendid coloration without accidentally discoloring the animals. The food is optimally balanced to the nutritional requirements of goldfish and floats at the water surface. It is an ideal addition to the staple food sera goldy gran.

Feeding guide
Feed several times daily, but only as much as the fish can consume within three minutes. Do not Overfeed. We recommend feeding sera goldy gran occassionally as a very easily digestible variation.

Fish meal, Corn Starch, Wheat Flour, spirulina algae meal (10%), Wheat germ meal, brewers yeast, fish oil, gammarus, wheat gluten, krill meal, green-lipped mussel meal, stinging nettle meal, herbs, lucerne meal (alfalfa), sea algae meal, paprika, parsley, spinach meal, carrots, garlic.

Vitamin and Provitamins: Vit. A6 550 IU/lb., Vit. D3 820 IU/lb., Vit. E (D, L-a-tocopheryl acetate) 82 IU/lb., Vit B1 8.2 mg/lb., Vit B2 8.2 mg/lb., Stabilized Vit. C(L-ascorbyl monophosphate) 82 mg/lb.

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