Sera O2 Test 2 X 15 ml - 60 Tests

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TYPE: Oxygen Calibrator

DESCRIPTION: Oxygen is essential for all the fishes and other creatures living in the aquarium. At night, the plants inside the aquarium too consume a certain amount of oxygen. A lack of O2 can lead to severe dyspnea and in extreme cases, suffocation of fish and other animals. For resolving this problem, we at PetsWorld offer you an oxygen measuring kit like Sera O2 Test which gives you upto 60 measurements.. Easy to use, it has a clear assignment colour scale that helps you to calibrate the oxygen level properly. It also boosts the overall of oxygen in the fish tank


  • Precise determination of O2 tests
  • Provides quick oxygen supply
  • Sufficient for approximate 60 measurements
  • Easy to use


  1. Rinse the tube several times with water to be tested and then fill it completely up to the top edge. Dried, then, the tube externally.
  2. Add 6 drops of reagent 1.
  3. Add 6 drops of reagent 2 and immediately close the tube so that it remains a bubble of air and shake it. Remove the cover.
  4. Compare the color of the deposit which is formed (insoluble flakes), putting the tube on the chromatic scale on the white side, looking down from the light of day but not in the presence of sunlight.
  5. Clean: before and after each test is necessary to clean the tube thoroughly with tap water.
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