Sera Vipagran Staple Diet Fish Food 80 gms

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TYPE: Fish Food

QUANTITY: 80 grams

SUITABLE FOR: All fishes who eat in middle water layers

DESCRIPTION: Sera Vipagran Staple Diet Fish Food is a high quality fish meal for all the fishes who eats in middle water layers in your aquarium. The food is in the shape of slowly sinking soft granules that are easy for your fish to eat. It contains the larvae of Black Soldier Fly which is an excellent source of high quality protein. The nutrients in the meal also offers a prebiotic effect that helps in enhancing health and liveliness. Sera Vipagran Staple Diet Fish Food does not contain dyes or preservatives and is entirely safe for the fishes. 


  • Consists of Black Soldier Fly larvae that acts as excellent protein source
  • Offers a prebiotic effect that enhances health and liveliness
  • Slowly sinking soft granules
  • Devoid of dyes and preservatives
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