Sera is a prominent brand in the field of fish food, water conditioners, technical devices and accessories needed to maintain an aquarium or pond. Established in 1970 by Josef Ravnak in Heinsberg, Germany, the company has a team of scientists who have been the leaders in inventing different forms of fish food, like flakes, tablets, wafers, freeze dried, sticks and granules.<

The company has progressed manifold, becoming one of the leading organizations in aqua culture with a visible global presence in Japan, North America and France. The research and development is undertaken to find out what meets the nutritional requirements and eating habits of the captive marine creatures the best.<

Technological innovations at SERA have often resulted in new and improved components and devices to assist in better management and maintenance of aquariums and ponds which preserve the delicate aquatic lives. They make products suiting both freshwater and saltwater creatures and the company is known to proactively educate regarding correct feeding habits and other health related information by conducting seminars, guide books and periodicals.<

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    Sera Algovec Algae Control 250 ml
    Sera Algovec Algae Control 250 ml
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  2. Sera Cichlid Sticks Staple Fish Food 210 gms
    Sera Cichlid Sticks Staple Fish Food 210 gms

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