Smartheart Dog Food Power Pack Small Breed 3 KG

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TYPE: Adult Dog Food 


SUITABLE FOR: Adult Small Breed Dogs 

DESCRIPTION: Despite their tiny figure, small breed dogs need more calorie per pounds than large breed dogs. This is due to the former’s relatively high metabolic rate. For satisfying their dietary needs, we at PetsWorld have a diet like Smartheart Dog Food Power Pack Small Breed 3 Kg which has an optimal dietary profile for adult small breed dogs. Protein and fats are present in healthy proportion for bolstering the muscle mass as well as to keep them energetic. Zinc along with omega fatty acids make the dog’s skin healthy and keeps a shiny fur. As small breed dogs have a tendency to gain weight, L-Carnitine has been added for burning the excess fat deposits. The organic fibres in the diet keep the dog’s digestive system healthy and also helps to satisfies their appetite. Super anti-oxidants in Smartheart Dog Food Power Pack Small Breed avert infections and diseases, keeping your dog super healthy. 

Benefits of Smartheart Power Pack Small Breed

  • Generous protein content for building lean muscle mass and strength
  • L-Carnitine maintains a healthy body weight
  • Zinc along with Omega fatty acids nourishes the skin 
  • Super antioxidants fortify the immune system
  • Dietary fibres satisfy the dog’s appetite
  • Ideal dog food for all breeds of dogs


Rice, poultry meal, chicken oil, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, full-fat soybean, minerals, brewer’s dried yeast, vitamins, antioxidants, zinc organic, L-Carnitine and Yucca Schidigera Extract


Protein min (30%), Fat min (20%), Crude Fiber max (3.5%), Moisture max (10%)

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