SOBO Aquarium Heater 50 W

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An aquarium heater to provide full security from the cool climate or sudden fluctuations in temperature

Product Features
- Simple to set up the required temperature
- Can fully submerge under water
- Have double insulation for protection from electric shock
- Power lamp indicates the turning on/off of heating
- Suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums
- Suction cups and support clips offer stable hold

Description about the product
Sobo Aquarium Heater (50W) keeps your fish (especially tropical fish) safe from the cold temperatures and the dangers of abrupt fluctuations in temperature. You can easily set the exact desired temperature from a range of 20-32°Celsius and submerge the rod inside the water tank. There is double insulation to prevent any electric shocks. Thermostat inside the rod continuously observes the temperature; whenever the temperature reaches the limit you have defined, the heater gets activated to keep the conditions inside the aquarium conducive for the fish to live. The moment the heater switches on lamp also turns on, signaling heating of the water.

What are the benefitsbr />A fish maintains the temperature of its body through the temperature of the water as a fish can't generate its own body heat. For a fish, the temperature of water can make the difference between life and death. Hence, putting some sort of control over the temperature of water in an aquarium attains a great significance.

Giving you round-the-clock relief is the Sobo aquarium heater, which tracks the temperature of water and switches on the heater when the current temperature reaches the level fixed by you. This ensures that the fish have a comfortable environment to live healthy and longer lives.

Always place the heater near a filter as effective heating can only take place when there is a strong circulation of water to evenly spread the heated water all around the tank.

It is important to consciously think about the wattage of the heater you purchase. Only after considering the size of the aquarium, and the difference between room temperature and the desired aquarium temperature, choose an appropriate wattage of heater for your fish.

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