SOBO Glass Cleaner SB-6

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TYPE: Magnetic Glass Cleaner

DESCRIPTION: Having a magnetic glass cleaner for your aquarium helps a lot as it doesn’t scare the fish in any way. They also assist in warding off the toughest of algae build up inside the tank. We at PetsWorld have in stock a high grade glass cleaner like SOBO Glass Cleaner SB-6, having a powerful magnetic attraction and good absorbability. Its magnetic brush helps in keeping the glass tank clean by getting rid of the algae and other water debris in the aquarium. It has enough buoyancy that makes it easy to guide around corners and clean the glass effectively without sinking. SOBO Glass Cleaner SB-6 always stays free of sand and gravel that prevents the issue of scratching in glass. 


  • Unique design and durable life
  • Powerful magnetic attraction
  • Easy to clean technology
  • Guides easily around corners without sinking
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