Tetra Cichlid Sticks 75 gms

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A high-quality complete food designed in the form of sticks which float on water to

best serve the health and preference of your large Cichlid fish.

Product Features

1) High-quality ingredients

2) Complete and balanced diet

3) Rich in protein

4) Food sticks created to float on water


Product Description

Tetra Cichlid Sticks provide a complete and balanced diet to meet the health

requirements of a large Cichlid fish to ensure an optimum health condition. The high-

quality food looks after the healthy growth and development of the fish.

Protein and other nutritious components enrich the diet of Cichlid. Patented bioactive

formula works to provide perfect health and longer life to the fish.

Cichlid fish like to have their food at the surface of water. The nutrients have been

offered in the form of sticks which float on the surface, thus serving the food the way

Cichlid fish prefers.


What are the benefits

Tetra has formulated a diet to provide for the complete well-being of large Cichlids.

High-quality ingredients are blended together in the right proportions to give your fish

the best chances to live a healthier, livelier and longer life. Floating nature of the food

sticks make them easily acceptable by the fish.


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