Tropifit Cockatiel Food 700 gms

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Tropifit brings a complete solution to maintain the health of your cockatiels in top condition. The high-quality bird food brings a healthy blend of grains, grass seeds and dried fruits to provide nourishment to all aspects of a cockatiel’s health. All natural ingredients of the bird’s diet have been cultivated in the fertile soil of ecologically clean regions and nurtured under the rays of the sun. This excellent source of nutrition not only takes care of healthy development of the bird, but also promotes beauty of the feathers. Variety of tastes that the food offers would appeal to the birds and encourage them to eat.

Ingredients: Cereals, seeds, derivatives of vegetable origin

Additives: Colourants

Nutritional Analysis: 

Crude protein


Crude oils and fats


Crude fibres




Storage instruction
Protect the food from moisture

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