Urine Off Stain & Odour Remover For Cat & Kitten 118 ml

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TYPE: Stain & Odour Remover

QUANTITY: 118 ml

DESCRIPTION: The latest Urine Off Stain and Odour Remover at PetsWorld consists of pro bacteria and enzymes that effectively removes pet stains and odour. It consists of pheromone blockers that prevents the repeated markings done by both kitten and adult cats. This formula from Spotty eliminates the major components of urine and not just covers up the smell. Urine Off Stain and Odour Remover is capable of getting rid of both old and new urine stains of cats and does not harm your fabric and floor.  


  • Removes pet odours
  • Eliminates both fresh and old urine stains
  • Gets rid of markers which tend to attract cats at the same spot
  • Removes cat urine from all hard and soft surfaces
  • 100% environment friendly


  • Before use, do a patch check for colour fastness
  • Clean area with a paper towel, cloth or pad
  • Saturate the soiled area and a little past the edge of the stain with the spray
  • Allow it to work
  • For fresh stains it may take a few minutes
  • For old stains cover the area with plastic and leave overnight. Old stains may need multiple treatments
  • For the litter box and hard surfaces - scrub with a brush to help penetrate urine build up
  • For soft carpets or fabric surfaces, spot clean immediately to prevent spreading. Then use Urine Off. Rinse thoroughly after with water and blot with a towel.


  • Do not spray on pets or humans
  • Skin - Rinse well with soap and water
  • Eyes - Flood with water for 15 minutes, contact physician
  • Ingestion - Drink large quantity of milk, contact physician
  • Inhalation - If symptoms of overexposure are experienced, evacuate to fresh air and consult physician
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