Virbac Petmosol Adore Soap 75 gm

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Virbac Petmosol Adore Soap is a cleansing and anti-odour soap for dogs and cats. The pH balanced composition of the pet soap provides proper care to the skin and coat. Oatmeal extract removes dry flakes, prevents itching, cleans dirt and supplies ample of moisture to soothe and soften the skin and coat. An anti-odour complex removes bad odour and leaves a lovely fragrance. Use the dog foot shaped cute soap regularly for a perfect pet grooming.

Key Ingredients: Oatmeal extract and Anti-odour complex

Directions for Use: Wet the coat with water. Apply Petmosol Adore Soap freely to get a rich lather. Allow the lather to stay for 5 minutes. Rinse properly with water. Dry the dog with towel.

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