Virbac Vitabest Omega-3 Vitamin Supplement 150 ml

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Virbac Vitabest is a health tonic for dogs and cats, promising better health through the goodness of omega 3. Derived from the natural sources like cod liver oil and refined soya oil, the health supplement for pets is well-balanced and safe. Suitable for adults, puppies and kittens, Vitabest liquid can be made a part of the daily diet. The omega 3 fatty acids are great help for skin and coat. Besides offering nourishment, they also provide counter against skin allergies and inflammation. In addition to a healthy skin and lustrous coat, this natural vitamin supplement boosts immunity and contributes to the functioning of many vital organs. Vitabest facilitates growth and helps to keep the pets active and energetic throughout.

Feeding Instructions:

Adult 1-2 teaspoonful (daily)
Puppies and kittens 1 teaspoonful (daily)

Composition: Cod liver oil – 50% v/v, Refined soya oil – 50% v/v

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