Vitapol Honey Smakers For Budgies 90 gms

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Vitapol offers a honey flavored nutritional composition which acts as a supplementary food in the form of a tempting treat.

Product Features
- All superior quality natural ingredients
-  Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals
- Crude fiber supports digestion
- Hung easily inside the cage with the hook at the top of the smaker stick

Product Description
Vitapol Honey Smaker has been made keeping in mind your budgie's nutritional needs. Natural ingredients are mixed together to provide a strong supplementary
support to the main meals of your avian delight. Honey flavored grains of food are affixed to the stick and offer the bird an interesting treat which would make the budgie peck its way to general well-being.

Ingredients: Yellow millet, Red millet, Oat groats, Red sorghum, Flax seed, Hemp seed, Wheat flour, Honey flavor

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 9.7%
Crude Fat (Min)  4.1%
Crude Fiber (Max)  7.3%
Moisture (Max)  12%
Crude Ash (Max)  4.4%

What are the benefits
A European company, Vitapol follows the best standards of production and employs superior ingredients to deliver first-rate food products for small pets. The honey
flavored treat, fixed on a stick, especially formulated for your budgie is a delightful way of showing your care to your feathery little companion. Your budgie would get a supplementary source of the right type of nutrition and taste, which would support its health and also bring it joy.

Storage Instruction Store in cool and dry place to keep the food in perfect form



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