Vitapol Sensitive Food For Rabbit 200 gms

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Vitapol Sensitive is meant to provide special care for the wholesome development of rabbits. This special care is most suitable for rabbits going through digestive problems, are obese, sick or recuperating. A high level of fibre has been added to the food to support digestion and promote healthy eating habits. Fibre absorbs water and swells, giving a feeling of filled up stomach, thus assisting in reducing hunger. Low fat and high protein rabbit food has been packed in controlled atmosphere and can be fed 2/3 times a day as per the requirements of the pet. The goodness of the superior quality diet has been further highlighted with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

Product Benefits
Vitapol Sensitive Rabbit Food seeks to ensure complete welfare of your pet. Nutrients have been balanced in such a way that every aspect of health is suitably nourished. Boosting the digestibility of the food, Vitapol Sensitive promotes optimum nutrient assimilation. Addition of important vitamins and minerals enhance natural defence mechanism of the body.

Ingredients: Grains 42%, vegetables 31%, bakery products 20%, herbs 5%, fruits 1%, dried flowers 1%

(Contains natural vitamins)

Nutritional Analysis: 

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