Whiskas Fisherman's Choice in Jelly 400 gms

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Whiskas Fishermans Choice comes in four distinct flavors Tuna, Prawns and Carrots, Cod, Salmon and Carrots. Each of the recipes is carefully created to have all the essential nutrients required by an adult cat to maintain a healthy life. Your adorable cat wont only get balanced and complete nutrition but would also get different flavors to excite its taste buds with. The quantity of food in each pouch is enough to satisfy the hunger of your adult cat, having an average weight of 4 kg.

What are the benefits

The four in one pack is ideal for a days food of your adult cat (average weight 4 kg). Every meal is made of high quality ingredients and is nutritionally complete and balanced. Ideally the 4 pouches should be finished in a day, offering fresh and different taste at each meal time (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner). Tuna, Prawns and Carrots, Cod, Salmon and Carrots are the four flavors which are complete foods in themselves.

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