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Alfanil (Multi Spectrum All Wormer) helps to control the infestation of worms from the intestine of your dog. The dewormer can be safely administered to all dog breeds, belonging to any age group (whether puppy or an old dog) or life situations (whether a working dog, or pregnant and lactating bitches). Alfanil works gently and can curb the population of about 11 species or worms. It can be administered to the pet while other treatments are undergoing, such as flea or tick treatment. The flavored tablet can either be directly fed to the dog or crushed and sprinkled over the food.

  •  Composition

(Each uncoated tablet contains)

Praziquantel IP

50 mg

Pyrantel Embonate BP

143 mg

Oxantel Embonate

543 mg



What are the benefits?
Alfanil supports the health of your dog by killing the worms which are thriving in the intestine of your dog. All breeds of dog, belonging to any age group or life situation can safely have it to get its gastrointestinal health in a proper shape. The treatment of deworming through Alfanil can be combined with any other treatment which the dog is going through at the moment (such as tick or flea treatment). Being flavored it can be fed directly to the dog or be mixed with the food.

 Directions for Use 

Alfanil All Wormer is given as a single dose to the dog.

Fasting before the dose is NOT necessary.

Weigh the dog prior to treatment.

            1 tablet per 10 kg body weight

Body Weight


Upto 5 kg

½ tablet

10 kg

1 tablet

20 kg

2 tablets

30 kg

3 tablets

40 kg

4 tablets

50 kg

5 tablets

            (Round upto nearest half or whole)


The flavored tablets can be given directly or be crushed and sprinkled on food.

 Recommended Worm Control Program

Treat all dogs in the household when worming. Always ensure a high standard of hygiene. Daily disposal of droppings is a useful procedure to aid worm control.

 Strategic Deworming Guidelines for Dogs 


Every 2 weeks until 3 months of age

Once a month from 3 to 6 months of age

Four times / year after 6 months of age


Treat regularly considering potential exposure to parasites and prepatent periods (4 times per year)


One prior to mating

Once at parturition

Once at 2 weeks, then 4 weeks after birth

Newly Acquired Puppies or Dogs

Immediately & repeat after 2 weeks.

Follow guidelines above

 Note: Above given guidelines are of a general nature. Under some situations when worm symptoms persist, a veterinarian should be consulted.




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