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Kumaon Mastiff Dog Breed Information

Kumaon Mastiff (also known as Cypro Kukur) is a rare dog breed, originated in India. These dogs were originally bred as guarding dogs in the hilly areas of Kumaon (Uttarakhand, India). It is estimated that there are only 150 to 200 Kumaon mastiff dogs are remaining in India.  Many dog lovers believe that the primary reason for this small number is the ignorance and the preference for popular dog breeds such as the Doberman, Pomeranian and Rottweiler. Exceptionally powerful, these dogs are tireless workers and definitely need to be saved.


General Information

Breed Name Kumaon Mastiff
Origin India
Other Names Cypro Kukur
Lifespan 10 -12 years
Breed Group Guarding Dogs
Size Type Large Dog Breeds
Height 27 – 30″
Weight 150 – 180 lbs
Temperament They are aggressive dogs and need training.
Coat Color Black, White, Brindle
Coat Characteristics Short Coat
What to Feed These dogs need approximately 4.5 to 6 cups of nutritious dry food daily
Litter size     2-5 puppies
Training Needs Training can be difficult for these dogs; therefore, these are not suitable for the first time dog owner. Perseverance and patience are needed to adequately train it.
Exercise need These dogs require not much exercise to remain in shape; therefore, these dogs are suitable for owners who remain frequently away or busy.
Health Concerns Major Concerns– Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Gastric TorsionMinor Concerns– Ectropion, Elbow Dysplasia, Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Vaginal HyperplasiaOccasionally Seen– CardiomyopathySuggested Tests– Elbow, Eye, Hip
Type of home Suitable for apartment living
Grooming Needs They shed very less. Grooming is necessary once in a while in order to maintain upkeep.
Bred For Guarding and companion

 Star Rating:

Characteristics Stars (based on 5) Characteristic Stars (based on 5)
Kids Friendly (3) star star star Social Needs (3) star star star
Friendly with other dogs (3) star star star Stranger Friendly (3) star star star
Need of Exercise (2) star star Territorial Aggression (5) star star star star star
Grooming Requirement (2) star star Intelligence and Trainability (3) star star star
Adaptability to environment (5) star star star star star Guarding Ability (5) star star star star star
Affection Level (5) star star star star star Health Related Issues (4) star star star star
Apartment Friendly (3) star star