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7 Tips to Build a Strong Bond With Your New Puppy

Bring Home New Puppy

One of the reasons why people adopt a puppy is because they seek love and companionship. Also, the relationship between humans and puppies is a special one and it helps in soothing our stress and anxiety as well.

Yet, a lot of first-time dog owners struggle to build a good bond with their puppies. Here are 7 highly effective tips which will help new puppy parents boost their overall bond with their fidos.

  • Prepare Beforehand

To avoid any hassles, you should be well-prepared before you bring your puppies home. Get all the basic dog essentials which will help you provide the best care to your puppies. Also, don’t forget to puppy-proof your house as it will help prevent your puppies from getting into any trouble. To keep your puppies comfortable and relaxed, offer them delicious dog treats and some engaging dog toys to play with.

  • Learn Puppy Language

One of the best ways to bond with your puppies is by learning to communicate with them effectively. Although they can’t understand human language, they can still be taught some basic dog commands to make training much easier. If your puppy is barking, it either wants something or it might be a call of distress. If you see them walking in circles or sniffing the floor, they are most probably finding a place to potty. Remember these cues and act accordingly.

  • Create a Routine For Them

Puppies thrive on a routine as it provides them with a predictable environment and also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Besides, having a fixed schedule is the easiest way to put your puppy on track. It plays a vital role in promoting healthy eating habits, boosting confidence and also for potty training as well.

  • Set up Boundaries

Without boundaries, your puppy won’t be able to understand the rules of the home. They will wander around the whole house and may destroy your furniture and do their business on your precious clothes. This is why they should be in a confined space in their initial few months. For setting up boundaries, you can opt for a dog gate and install it at places where you want to block your puppies from accessing it,

  • Give them Sufficient Exercise

Providing your dogs with sufficient exercise keeps them happy and also boosts your bond with them. It is also a great way to eliminate boredom in the puppies, as they are known to chew precious items in the house while they are idle. But remember that their physical exercise should be moderate as rigorous activity can damage their developing bones and joints. You can play a game of fetch with them for half an hour daily and this would be sufficient to fulfil their exercise needs.

  • Play Games

Nothing can beat playing games when it comes to improving your overall bond with your pets. For instance, a game like Tug of War is great for building confidence and also a good bonding exercise to improve friendship with your dog. It also burns excess energy and engages their instincts of hunting, keeping their mind well-stimulated. You can also play hide and seek with your dog, where you can duck behind a door or a couch and call your dog to find you. Once they identify you,

  • Cuddle Them

While cuddling, a dog’s brain also releases oxytocin just like humans. Oxytocin is a hormone associated with feelings of love, connection and trust and it helps the dogs to build a strong bond with their owners. Besides, cuddles can reduce the level of cortisol hormone, which is responsible for stress, anxiety and depression in dogs.

All in All,

Building a strong bond with your beloved puppy is essential for keeping them well-behaved in the house. Once you have a good connection with them during puppyhood, you can easily manage them when they become adults as well. These 7 tips will help you to boost your bond with your puppy and also keep them happy and comfortable as well.


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