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9 Effective Tips to Keep Your Puppies Safe Indoors

Puppy at Home

Welcoming a new puppy to the house is one of the best experiences ever. With their curiousness and humour, they offer some wonderful moments which you can cherish for a long time. However, their curiosity can land them into trouble if you have not made your house puppy-proof.

In this blog, you will see 9 highly effective tips which will help you keep your puppies safe and secure inside the house. Doing these will ensure that the pups are protected, even when you are not in the house for a while.

So let us get started,

1) Close Your Trash Cans

Your trash cans may contain items which can cause great harm to your puppy’s health. For example, foods like Resin, Grapes, Onions, Chocolates etc are highly toxic to the extent that they can become fatal for the puppies. Apart from food items, trash like aluminum foil, plastic wraps, plastic cans etc are also dangerous since puppies can stick their heads into it accidentally.  Hence, you should keep your trash cans locked with a lid or a childproof latch, which will block access to the puppy.

2) Cover Up Electrical Wires

It is essential to cover all the low-hanging electrical wires and other outlets, as puppies can lick these and seriously hurt themselves. Tie up loose electrical wires, and buy a spiral cable wrap or PVC pipe to keep your puppies safe from any accidents. Also, ensure that no damaged wires are lying around the floor of your house as the puppies can chew them and get choked.

3) Secure Your Furniture

If your puppy wants, it can destroy a sofa cushion within minutes. This is why you should place every clothing accessory in a place where your puppies can’t reach. Also, furniture like lamps, bookshelves, and other decorative items can prove dangerous for puppies as they can easily knock them off, and can hurt them badly. You can buy an anti-tip anchor which helps in anchoring your heavy furniture to the wall.

4) Tie Up Low-Curtains

Puppies have a habit of chewing low-hanging curtains, which they can pull off and potentially rip off the wall. This is why they must be secured, pulled to the side and kept out of reach from them. Also, watch out for the cords that lift and lower the curtains, as puppies can chew these and choke on them. Although the best way to soothe the chewing tendency in puppies is to give them a good chew toy, that keeps them busy and engaged.

5) Move all Medications Away

It is highly important to keep all medications away from your puppy’s reach, as they can consume them accidentally. If you are storing it in a box, make sure that you seal it properly, preferably with a child-lock lid. Also remember to pick up tablets or pills instantly when you have dropped them on the ground, as the puppies can swallow them. If your puppies consume any pills accidentally, take them to the vet without any delay.

6) Puppy-Proof Your Washroom

One of the most dangerous places for an untrained puppy is your washroom. This is because they can get in there without you knowing and then drink from toilet bowls, which can prove dangerous for them. Always keep the toilet bowls down and also keep hair ties, ribbons, pins, clips, razors etc away from the puppies, since they can swallow these items. You can store these items in storage boxes or a drawer safely.

7) Keep Small & Sharp Objects Away

Small objects like coins, golf balls, hair ribbons, sticks etc are some of the most common items which puppies can swallow and choke on. Similarly, sharp objects like knives, scissors, razors, tools etc are highly detrimental items that can seriously injure the puppies. The puppies shouldn’t even lick these items. Therefore, if you are a dog owner, place both small & sharp objects far away from your puppy’s reach.

8) Install Dog Barrier

Setting up a dog barrier is one of the best ways to keep your puppies from indulging in mischief, which will also keep them safe as well. Firstly, it eliminates the need of puppy-proofing the whole house, since you have restricted your puppies to a place. Secondly, dog barriers are ideal to be placed near stairs, as they will prevent puppies from falling. Dog gates are also helpful when you are leaving the house for a short while and want to ensure that your puppies won’t be harmed.

9) Close Windows & Doors

Open windows and doors can be highly dangerous for puppies since they don’t know the seriousness of a terrible fall.  They also don’t realise that screens are barriers and may charge through them at full pace, which can cause them injury. Also, your dogs can barge out of the front door and expose themselves to accidents as well. So close windows and doors, especially when you are not around the house.

All in All,

You have seen 9 highly effective ways how you can keep your puppies safe and secure inside the house. It is also important to train your puppies before the age of 1, as they will grasp most of your commands during this age. Once you train them effectively, you won’t have to worry much about their behaviour.


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