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Dog Training

The Unbreakable Bond Between Dogs and Kids

Dogs have always been known as “man’s best friend” but their special connection with children goes a long distance. The bond between kids and their furry companions is truly magical and offers a wide range of benefits for..

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7 Essential Things to Know Before Travelling With Your Dog

Dogs are great trip buddies as they make your journey both joyful and social media worthy. You can take plenty of selfies with them on all the beautiful landmarks you visit and make new friends. They are called..

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6 Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Dogs this Winter

Winter can be harsh, and it can also make a morning walk difficult for both dogs and their owners. The early mornings are too dark, and taking a long walk with the dogs isn’t that feasible. However, one..

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Dog Training: How To Completely Train Your Dog

Are you ready to train your dog? Training dogs isn’t always easy if you’ve ever had a dog. It can be downright frustrating. However, if you’re really willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll be able..

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How to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Dogs

Playing with dogs gives us that rejuvenating effect that few activities rarely give us. They help us overcome all the bad feelings as they shower unconditional love on us. Still, we have to be firm with our dogs..

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How Long Should Puppies Go For Walks?

Walking your dog should be part of your daily routine. This is because dogs need daily exercise, just like humans, and a short walk can bring plenty of benefits. Walking your dog regularly is an easy exercise that..

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How Dog Treats Do Good When It Comes to Training

You love your dog, and you can prove it in more than one way. All the honesty and the companionship that your pet showers on you deserve a reward. Of course, you want to tell your dog that..

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How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog?

If you own a dog, you would have realized by now that these bundles of joy cannot stay put in one place. They are a powerhouse of dynamic energy, and to satiate their playfulness, you need to keep..

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8 Awesome Facts About Your Dog’s Powerful Sense of Smell

  Every living creature has its own way of interpreting the world. From your canine companions to a furry friend, every cute animal develops a perception about the environment, surroundings, and world its living in. While some have..

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5 Crazy Things Dogs Do When Left Alone At Home

When you have errands to do outdoors and have a baby to take care of, at the same time, you know that you are up for a challenge. As guilty as you are for leaving your beloved pet..

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