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Dog Training

How to Keep Your Dogs Calm During Visit?

  Not all dogs like visiting a vet. The strange smells, poking, jabs, and unfamiliarity of the veterinary clinic can make the dogs anxious. This also bothers the owners of the dogs as well. Fortunately, you can cure..

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How to Teach Your Dogs to Walk Nicely On a Leash?

    One of the most enriching experiences in life is walking with a dog and exploring the world together. It benefits the health of both dogs and owners and is a great opportunity to boost the bond..

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The Dos and Don’ts of Dog Park Etiquettes

  A dog park is where your lovely fido can make new friends, release their pent-up energy and play their heart out. Apart from dogs, it is a joyful space for owners as well as they can socialise..

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How to Address Digging Behaviour in Dogs?

  A dog’s tendency to dig comes naturally to them as their ancestors used to be hunters and burrowers. Although it’s a normal instinct for them, too much digging can be problematic for its owners. If your dog..

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How Do You Prevent Your Dogs From Jumping on People?

  Dogs are joyful animals who can jump on people out of excitement and curiosity. While this behaviour may seem harmless, it can be highly bothersome to your guests who don’t interact much with your dog. Besides, if..

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7 Tips to Handle Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs

  Although dogs are one of the friendliest animals on earth, they also have an aggressive side that can cause problems when not managed properly. Most first-time dog owners face the problem of aggression in the canines and..

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How to Reduce Excessive Biting & Chewing Behaviour in Dogs?

  Playing with puppies is a joyful experience in itself. However, they also have razor-sharp teeth, which can quickly turn your playtime into a painful experience. Although nipping and biting are normal behaviour of puppies, there is a..

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How Much Exercise Do My Dogs Need?

  Apart from good nutrition, one thing which ensures excellent health in dogs is regular physical activity. All dogs need exercise to keep strong muscles, prevent obesity, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries. However, the amount..

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7 Pro Tips For Socialising Your Dogs With Other Pets

  A well-behaved dog at home doesn’t necessarily have to be good with fellow pets outside. Since you may have to travel outside with your dog too often, you have to ensure that they remain peaceful in front..

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7 Simple Tips to Train a Puppy Fast & Easily

  You might have seen how some “ferocious” dog breeds like German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman etc. behave so gently while some lovely dog breeds like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Dachshund etc stay aloof when approached. This strange behaviour boils..

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