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Pet Expert Interviews

Understanding The 6 Reasons Behind your Dog’s Yawn

Ever wondered why your dog yawns? Just because a dog’s yawn looks same to that of a human’s it doesn’t always mean it depicts the same thing. When a dog opens his jaw and takes a deep breath,..

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Can Dogs Remember Their Previous Owners?

Dogs adopted from a shelter have had either good or bad experiences with their previous owners. When we bring home a rescue dog, there’s always curiosity to understand if the pooch remembers its previous owner in any way...

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7 Common Indications That Your Dog Is Actually In Pain

Canines can’t speak human language. They express using some actions and behaviors. So it is of utmost importance to closely watch our pets and decode their behavior for a deeper understanding of their well-being. When it comes to..

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These 10 Signs Show That Your Dog Loves You A Lot

Dogs have interesting ways to communicate their love to us. Some signs may not be overtly projected to us but they are there. Some may be very direct and obvious. As you read through these signs you’ll only..

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6 Easy Hacks to Eliminate Pet Odour in Your House.

Having a pet can easily be mistaken for a messy business. After all, they bring with them a ton of vices right? Fur all over the place, carpets spotted with droppings, the whole package. But worst of all..

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Why Dogs love Belly Rubs? and more Sweet Spots.

Ever wondered Why your Dog digs Belly Rubs? There are certain spots on your dog’s body that are more sensitive and greatly respond to loving touches. Caressing those areas can overwhelm the pooch with joy or a deep..

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Pet Obesity Epidemic visible in America and why India may be next?

 Fattest Dogs and Cats in America The annual report of veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital is out and sadly points to an upward and constant trend in pet obesity. The comprehensive record on state of pet health..

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How food requirement changes with age in dogs?

The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status level of activity, state of health and environmental conditions. Since animals eat to satisfy their requirement for energy, all..

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Want a dog but have kids at home? Dog Adoption FAQs

Planning to adopt a dog but have young kids at home? Questions like what dog breeds gel well with children and which ones will fit into your abode and family lifestyle may be cropping up in your head..

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7 Signs that Indicate Pain in Your Cat

Are you a cat parent? If yes, then you must be aware that these royal fur balls have only three modes such as, devil form, cuddle time purring and doesn’t care about anything attitude.  However, according to expert..

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