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Pet Food

What is catnip and is it safe for your cat?

How does catnip exactly work  Catnip is nothing less than an elixir for most felines. For cat-parents new to this term, catnip is a weedy plant of the mint family that originated in Europe and Asia. This potent herb has a dreamlike..

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Rabbit Food and Nutrition Guide for Pet owners.

Rabbits are known to live upto 10 to 12 years under constant care & love from its human family. The most important element of caring for the bunny is a healthful daily diet that must be a combination of fresh-dust free..

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How to shift your dog to a new food brand? Try the 7 day switch

Dogs are creatures of habit and the thought of changing something as integral to them such as their usual diet can send you in a frantic mode. You certainly don’t want to risk the pooch’s health while you are only trying..

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How to store Dog Food CORRECTLY ?.

You have spent a long time researching on what should enter your pet’s tummy for nutritional benefits but How you store your pet’s food is the most crucial step to allow the dog to accrue health benefits from whatever it eats...

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Six Things your Senior Dog wants you to do.

Is your once high energy puppy entering retirement? We do understand this heart-wrenching feeling in pet owners when their four legged baby slows down due to old age and abandons most of its spirited antics. You can’t reverse ageing but can..

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How food requirement changes with age in dogs?

The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status level of activity, state of health and environmental conditions. Since animals eat to satisfy their requirement for energy, all essential nutrients must..

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Why Pedigree recommends MIXED DIET for Dogs in summers

Considering pets cannot verbally communicate we should ideally be more understanding and receptive to their needs, requirements and health. Over the time people have learnt that homemade food albeit fresh is not a complete & balanced meal for the pet primarily because the nutrition requirements..

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10 Summer Super Foods for Dogs.

Summer is finally here and it brings with it a lot of juicy, sumptuous and healthy natural treats for one and all. And when we say `all’ we mean to include even your darling dogs! We have more than one reason..

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Natural ways that can free your pet dog from Joint pain and Arthritis

Natural ways are safe and come without side effects. They are drug-free ways to alleviate the pain your dog experiences due to arthritis. Arthritis cannot be completely uprooted; it is characterized by progressive deterioration. The most common form of this disease..

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FAQs about Pet Rabbit Behavior.

Understanding rabbits’ body language helps in active communication with your pet and can also help in treating an undesirable behavior or habit, on a scale of 1 to 10, your bonding score with your bunny mate aces when your rabbit starts seeing..

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