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Dog Pictures


When you become a new parent to a puppy you are sure to experience a whole lot of new emotions, excitement and big responsibilities. When you prep your home for the little fella one of the major tasks you face is..

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Why Dogs Love to Steal & Chew on Dirty Laundry?

Dogs for a variety of reasons love to run away and play with our used clothes. Dirty socks and underwear seem to be their favorite pick. There’s no denying that the pup looks extremely cute running with your sock in its..

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Top dog breeds for Senior Folks.

What about surprising your parents or grandparents with a cute pup on their wedding anniversary or either parent’s birthday? Gifting a dog is not just novel but noble too! But it’s important to pair up your grandparents or parents with a..

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Are you a doting Dog Parent | Take the quiz to find out.

Are you crazily in love with your dog? Do you put your pup ahead and every other thing takes a back seat? Read below to see just how sincerely you’re into your pet dog. If most of these signs match, we’d..

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How to know if your dog is in pain | 7 Common Signs

Canines can’t speak human language. They express using some actions and behaviors. It’s important to closely watch our pets and decode their behavior for a deeper understanding of their wellbeing. When it comes to pain, dogs are great at tolerating it..

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Simple Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth without Using a Toothbrush

When your dog is very fussy about having a tooth brush shoved into his mouth you may want to consider an alternative way of cleaning his teeth. You may then think of dental teeth wipes that are quite effective in cleaning..

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Top Dating websites exclusively for Pet owners

Are you single and looking for love? But there’s one hiccup, you are a Mama, a fur mama so to say! You want a mate that truly embraces your four legged kid. Pet parents are intrinsically bound to their furry baby..

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Are you Sharing your Bed with your Dog? You must read this.

Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog Has Multiple Benefits. Each time you allow your pet dog to enter your bed at night, it’s you who actually benefits from it! You want to know HOW, read below. It will calm you down:..

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Things you did not know about Your Dog’s Tail| Be Ready to be Surprised.

A dog’s wagging tail can tell us so much about them. Right from its current frame of mind to complex emotions, a dog’s tail can tell it all. And this flexible extension of its back bone comes with some superb functions...

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Why do dogs lick their humans’ feet ?

If your dog is licking your feet it could mean a lot of different things. As a dog owner it is important for you to understand the hidden meaning behind this behavior in order to strengthen the bond. By the time..

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