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Dog Pictures

Are you Sharing your Bed with your Dog? You must read this.

Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog Has Multiple Benefits. Each time you allow your pet dog to enter your bed at night, it’s you who actually benefits from it! You want to know HOW, read below. It will..

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Things you did not know about Your Dog’s Tail| Be Ready to be Surprised.

A dog’s wagging tail can tell us so much about them. Right from its current frame of mind to complex emotions, a dog’s tail can tell it all. And this flexible extension of its back bone comes with..

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Why do dogs lick their humans’ feet ?

If your dog is licking your feet it could mean a lot of different things. As a dog owner it is important for you to understand the hidden meaning behind this behavior in order to strengthen the bond...

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Why Dogs love Belly Rubs? and more Sweet Spots.

Ever wondered Why your Dog digs Belly Rubs? There are certain spots on your dog’s body that are more sensitive and greatly respond to loving touches. Caressing those areas can overwhelm the pooch with joy or a deep..

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Famous footballers and their four legged loves|Exclusive Images

Are you a football fan and crazy for dogs too? We have an eye candy for the soccer groupies and clear evidence that these Gods of football are in love with their DOGS. ALSO READ – BEST DOG BREEDS..

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Pet Obesity Epidemic visible in America and why India may be next?

 Fattest Dogs and Cats in America The annual report of veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital is out and sadly points to an upward and constant trend in pet obesity. The comprehensive record on state of pet health..

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What dogs really want? The answer may surprise you!

Dogs definitely want much more than that fancy batman costume, or flavored dog treats. More often than not pet parents end up doing things for their pet that are more in-tune with what pleases or satisfies them. May..

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How food requirement changes with age in dogs?

The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status level of activity, state of health and environmental conditions. Since animals eat to satisfy their requirement for energy, all..

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Want a dog but have kids at home? Dog Adoption FAQs

Planning to adopt a dog but have young kids at home? Questions like what dog breeds gel well with children and which ones will fit into your abode and family lifestyle may be cropping up in your head..

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Why do Dogs Nudge?

Every time your dog nudges you with its nose you get confused about what it’s trying to tell you. Well, you ain’t at fault here as a nudge could mean many things. To understand the actual reason behind..

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