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Dog Breeds

Interesting Facts That Define The German Shepherd Dog Breed

Who is Father of the German shepherd Dog Breed: A German breeder Max von Stephanitz is behind standardizing this breed. In 1889, At a dog show in Western Germany, Max got attracted to a wolf like canine with yellow-black markings. The..

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Top dog breeds for Senior Folks.

What about surprising your parents or grandparents with a cute pup on their wedding anniversary or either parent’s birthday? Gifting a dog is not just novel but noble too! But it’s important to pair up your grandparents or parents with a..

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7 Bizarre Dog habits explained.

You may often seek the reasons behind your dog’s strange behaviors. Sometimes we regard something as cute antics and rarely put much thought into what causes these behaviors in our pet. We have put together some eccentric behaviors your pooch displays..

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Why do Dogs Bow? Decoded

Dogs don’t fail to amuse us with their intelligent ways of communicating their moods to us and their furry buddies. When your dogs bow in front of you, what could it possibly mean? Let’s translate a dog’s bow into some beautiful..

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What is your dog’s barking telling you? Listen carefully.

Even Dogs don’t bark for nothing.Barks, grunts, and howls are sounds made to communicate with their human family and canine mates. To effectively respond and cater to your DOG, it would only be wise to acquaint oneself with all possible reasons behind..

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Lets Make friends with stray dogs and HOW?

Dog lovers are usually confronted with the urge to help dogs in need. This could be an Indian street dog in distress or a neighbor’s pet that has fled its home for some adventure and you wish to return it to..

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Want a dog but have kids at home? Dog Adoption FAQs

Planning to adopt a dog but have young kids at home? Questions like what dog breeds gel well with children and which ones will fit into your abode and family lifestyle may be cropping up in your head every now and..

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Why do Dogs Nudge?

Every time your dog nudges you with its nose you get confused about what it’s trying to tell you. Well, you ain’t at fault here as a nudge could mean many things. To understand the actual reason behind it and effectively..

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Why do dogs dig and bury things?

Have you been misplacing your precious belongings ever since you got a pet dog ?, and when the T.V remote disappeared from the table next to your sofa while you were on that brief toilet break it spooked you out a bit,..

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7 Dog Breeds That Are Easily Trainable

 DOGS that can be trained easily are everyone’s fancy. The bounty of dog breeds available in India, come with their unique anatomy and temperament, often making it difficult for first time pet hopefuls to make a choice. Everyone wants a companion..

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