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Pet Training

7 Amazing Tips to Build a Strong Bond With Your Dog

A strong bond with your fido is more than just a relationship. In fact, it’s a deep connection built on values like trust, communication and many shared experiences. Whether you have brought a new puppy to your home..

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Potty Training Your Mini Labradoodle

The prospect of potty training a mini Labradoodle can be daunting and stressful. With so many factors to consider, such as age, feeding schedule, and the right method for your pooch, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, getting..

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Is It Possible to Train a Cat? Here is All You Need to Know

One of the main common questions which is asked by almost all cat lovers is whether cats are trainable or not. Which cat owner doesn’t want their beloved cats to do some amazing skills while listening to all..

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Things to Know While Going for a Hike With Your Dog

Dogs can be your best buddies if you have a plan of going for a hike with them. Apart from being a curious partner throughout the journey, your pet dog will have a great deal of mental stimulation..

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Top 10 ‘Low Maintenance’ Dog Breeds

Having a pet dog in your family is nothing short of a blessing as it brings liveliness to the house. At the same time, things can become quite tricky if you are having a breed which requires a..

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10 Ways To Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instincts

In spite of being domesticated, sheltered, and brought up in a homely environment, cats just can’t do away with their genetic hunting instincts. Even if you come across your fluffy partner whiling its time away on a lazy..

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5 Crazy Things Dogs Do When Left Alone At Home

When you have errands to do outdoors and have a baby to take care of, at the same time, you know that you are up for a challenge. As guilty as you are for leaving your beloved pet..

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Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner’s Bed?

If your housebroken pup suddenly starts to pee in your bed, you are sure to get very annoyed with it. But at the same time you’ll be dawned with a curiosity to finding out the reasons behind such..

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Why Using A Harness Is Better For Your Dog?

A Dog Harness is surely a better fit vis-à-vis a neck collar when it comes to walking aggressive dogs. It comes with many direct benefits to a pooch while offering better control to the handler. Should you be using a..

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6 Reasons Why Two Cats Living In The Same Household Fight

It is hard for any cat parent when two of its Kitty Kids who have been the best of friends for years begin to quarrel over reasons unknown to its human. Adopting two or more cats definitely doubles..

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