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Cat Breeds

Top Cat Breeds that rule in India.

Popular CAT BREEDS in India Cat lovers in India will swear by the charms of these Cat Breeds, Cats undoubtedly have become the new dogs in an Indian Household, so much so, that a Mars India study put Persian, Siamese Cats and..

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Is your Cat in Love with you | Find out NOW.

For those who are owned by Cats know that our purring angels have some interesting ways to show they too care for their humans. Want to read your cat well? Look for 10 signs to know if your kitty is swooning over..

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Vote for Indian Billi. Indian colony Cat Breed may get International recognition.

Indian Cat Federation (ICF) is working to get our indigenous cats recognized internationally thus raising its chances to get adopted by cat lovers with a promise of a better life. These felines up till now haven’t been lavished with the right..

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7 Signs that Indicate Pain in Your Cat

Are you a cat parent? If yes, then you must be aware that these royal fur balls have only three modes such as, devil form, cuddle time purring and doesn’t care about anything attitude.  However, according to expert these feline friends..

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Urinary tract disease in Cats.

Are you facing a situation where your CAT has deserted its litter box and is urinating around different spots in your home? Your cat needs help! It isn’t trying to be disobedient. The problem of inappropriate urination could stem from some grave..

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Know all about the different cat beds on offer

There are several types of cat beds on offer and it’s time for cat parents to make the right pick for the winter season to suit their feline family. Cats, young and old love to keep warm and a cozy private..

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Shedding is a natural phenomenon in CATS where dead hair makes way for fresh fur. It is a sign of a healthy cat with a rejuvenated coat (a cat that is unwell will show no shedding). Therefore all the cat lovers must..

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7th International Cat Show India 2016|T’was Delhi’s turn to get Delighted.

The 7th International Cat Show India was concluded on 30th April ’16 at the International Youth Centre in Chanakya Puri, New Delhi. Its capital city’s very first version after a successful 5th edition held at Mumbai and the 6th Showcase at Bengaluru...

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Delicious Cat food that Persian Cats will love! [Homemade Cat Food Tips]

Are you much in love with your pet Persian cat? How do you express this affection and concern towards your feline buddy? Cat Parents across India strive to create a healthy diet because they value these exotic felines for its friendship..

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Maine Coon Cats: World’s Largest Domestic Cat Breed

Maine Coon is a popular breed of cats in the United States and is among the largest cats to be domesticated in the world. Considered as one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, Maine Coons belong to its namesake..

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